Perfect Retirement Program by Maadili Leadership Solutions

Perfect Retirement Program by Maadili Leadership Solutions

Often we are caught up thinking that retirement is a time to forget our worries, live without a boss and just have happy and good times but unfortunately this fantasy is not very common in real life.

Many people think the main recipe for a good retirement is having a lot of money which you will use throughout your retirement period. As much as this is a wonderful idea and also could be achieved,  this wish is not met by most retirees.

Maadili Leadership Solution’s Perfect Health course explicitly helps you explore  your mind body energy which then maximizes your potential to a self discovery, a journey which then awakens to to identify so many life’s greatness. You will then identify that retirement is the time when it should not matter that you be the best, the first, the oldest or the most.  But its the time to do what makes YOU happy.

It is, indeed, in this view that Maadili Leadership Solutions offers a 5-step exploration of mind body energy medicine based and Ayurveda.

Steps to enable you to attain and maintain optimum help include: a balanced, nutritious diet based on natural ingredients, regular exercise, regular screening for diseases which may present a risk, learning to understand and manage stress, engaging in purpose-driven activities which also provide connection to others, appreciating what you have, maintaining a positive outlook on life, living your life based on a well-defined value system.

And yet, over the years, empirical evidence increasingly cites stress as a major contributing factor to physical and mental illness, as well as being an underlying factor to poor relationship management with the self and with others.

The attainment of Perfect Health, therefore, is about making conscious choices that will have a positive impact on your physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual life.

Know Thyself with the Dosha Quiz: The Most Versatile Self-Management Tool

Know Thyself with the Dosha Quiz: The Most Versatile Self-Management Tool

Ayurveda – which translates to the  art and science of life — is a remarkably personalized system of wellness, based on the ancient wisdom from the Indian Sub-Continent, which views each one of us as being born with a remarkably individual blueprint for optimum health, wellness and wisdom from conception.

Hence the three Mind Body Types – Vata Pitta Khapa – of which each one of us is uniquely endowed. Discovering your Ayurvedic Mind Body Constitution is, therefore, a phenomenally illuminating experience on the path to vibrant health, meaningful life purpose, enduring sense of peace, contentment as well as joy.

It is in this view, that Ayurveda places the responsibility for your health and wellness primarily on you, as an individual within the community and broader society.

The Ayurvedic Mind Body Type Constitution Questionnaire – also known as the Dosha Quiz — is, therefore, a very versatile tool for letting you discover your Mind Body Type Constitution at Conception (Prakruti), as well as knowing your state of balance at any given time (Vikruti). The feedback from this Mind Body Type Tool is catalytic in helping Participants in Maadili Leadership Solution’s 5-Module Signature Course to develop — over time — three, cutting-edge leadership competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness & Self-Mastery.

In filling out the Mind Body Type Questionnaire, Course Participants are advised to take note of the fact that  there are NO right or wrong answers. Rather, the BEST answers are the ones that are TRUE for You. Following are some of the insights that can be gleaned from a correctly completed Dosha Quiz:

Every individual’s mind body type at Conception — Prakruti, page 1 —  the key attributes inherited from the lineages of both parents, one’s individual strengths and How to know when one is going out of balance or responding under stressful conditions.

This is critical in helping one develop a keen sense of Awareness, thereby offering them the opportunity to Choose the most nurturing response(s) as often as possible in every critical/challenging incident while remaining calm, thereby making it Safe for others to engage constructive without feeling pressured to be combative, defensive;

By the same token, Self-Awareness also facilitates Awareness of the Others’ feelings, situations, sensitivities, automatically making it easier for individuals to develop consideration, empathy for others, be it at home, in the office or at the shopping mall. This is what makes it possible for inter-personal relationships to significantly improve on a sustainable basis, because relationships are accordingly viewed from a perspective of informed best-interest for all;

In a workplace training situation, the feedback from page one can and should share, especially in the context of various Operational Management Teams, as it helps to know and understand Team Members from the non-prejudicial perspective of each individual’s Natural Mind Body attributes.

At best, this information can be invaluable in shining a light on how to make the best use of every Team Member’s natural attributes and gifts. This information also affords Team Members, non-judgemental language for discussing personality challenges and opportunities for improvement;

Further, the information obtained from answering the questions on the second portion of the questionnaire — Vikruti, pages 2 to 5 — is most helpful in enabling an individual to know their Current mind body status. The feedback from this portion of the Dosha Quiz is best viewed as CONFIDENTIAL, for the primary use of the individual, whose responsibility it is to determine whether or not to share same with their Supervisor, HR Director, Staff Counsellor, Organisational Nurse/Doctor/Counsellor. In other words, this wealth of informations is Most Useful in helping individual Team Members to know How they are coping with life at work and/or at home and what to do about it in the interest of optimum health, wellness and effectiveness. What the Course Sponsor/Employer has a right to demand is improved efficiency and effectiveness as an outcome of investment in Staff Training/Leadership Development.

By the same token, Staff Member/Manager/CEO is justified/entitled to the kind of professional support they may require in order to deal with health/wellness challenges which will have been revealed by the Vikruti portion of the Dosha Quiz. This may range from an identified need for Professional Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Psychological Counselling, Medical Leave, Change of Job Description, etc…

All of this information is obtained from Module One of Maadili Leadership Solution‘s 5-Module Course and the use of Maadili i Leadership Solution‘s Core Tool, the Dosha Quiz/Mind Body Type Questionnaire. In addition to serving as the tool for collecting basic data, Part 2 of the the Dosha Quiz — the Vikruti, pages 2 to 5 — is a timeless Monitoring Tool, which can be used to assess annual progress or lack thereof, thereby offering opportunities for remedial action, as the case may be.

Additionally, because the individual and collective human resource development attributes and needs will have been identified during the first Module: Know Thyself, each of the remaining 4 Modules are taught and learned in a Customised Manner, based on the findings of the Dosha Quiz for every individual and/or Team.

At the end of the 5-Module Course, the Employer/Sponsor will have facilitated the generations of two catalytic leadership/productivity tools/Instruments: (a) a revised or new Individual Vision, (b) Team/Family Joint Strategic Vision Plus Implementations Plans.

The 5 Gateways to Metabolizing Sensory Experience

The 5 Gateways to Metabolizing Sensory Experience

Discover How Life Is an Interplay Between the Environment, Mind, Body and Soul. Your Ears, Eyes, Skin, Tongue and Nose are the 5 Gateways through which you experience the world.

Learn How the Composition of Your Mind is created out of your sensory impressions and How the quality of these impressions determine the quality of your thoughts and feelings,

Explore and experience how you can use sounds, feelings, sights, tastes and smells to balance, nourish and heal your mind body, and Spirit.

Using the your Dosha Quiz Outcomes, Learn How to determine which aromas can balance your Current Mind Body State (Vikruti).


As the first Gateway, sound is a powerful tool for healing. Sounds activate the release of chemicals throughout the body that are healing. Signals of harmony created by sounds are sent to the innermost levels of your mind/body/spirit. Some examples of healing sounds are: drumming rhythms, nature sounds like rainfall and sea waves, mantras and music.


The skin, when stimulated contains abundant healing chemicals that promote a physiological healing. This helps to calm the mind, it promotes better body immunity and enhances stimulation.

Ways to practice healing touch are like the Ayurvedic self-massage.


Another gateway to which powerful sensory information enters your awareness is through your eyes. Anything you observe with your site either good or bad has effects on your mind, body and spirit. Triggering your mind body and spirit positively helps release chemicals in your body that will bring positive effects. To make use of your eyes try things like resting while having a nice view of the landscape or ocean or the night sky. Keeping your work or house space visually appealing too has a profound effect on your consciousness.


Taste directly affects your emotion or mood. Ayurveda classifies six tastes, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. When eating your food, its only when you experience all the six tastes that’s when you feel totally satisfied and fulfilled. This relates directly to your life’s experiences where you will find that you are not in balance since these experiences favour only one flavour.


Your emotions and memories are deeply connected to your sense of smell. Unlike other senses, scents go directly to the brain, a part that coordinates both the autonomic nervous system and regulates emotional activity. This then means that your sense of smell has an powerful effect on how you perceive the world.

Ayurveda Treatments Offered By Maadili Leadership Solutions

Ayurveda Treatments Offered By Maadili Leadership Solutions

Maadili Leadership Solutions offers Ayurvedic Massage Treatments, administered by our two Ayurvedic Massage Therapists – Happy Tairo and Teddy Martin – who were trained in Kerala, India.

Ayurvedic massage is known as Abhyanga. According to Ayurvedic texts, Abhyanga has tremendous benefits to the mind, body, skin as well as immune system. It involves copious amounts of oil and a unique 2-Therapist Sequence that relaxes and softens the tissues.

Unlike massages used more for recreation and relaxation, Abhyanga is a therapeutic procedure in pacifying Vata Dosha disorders. It is a synchronized massaging of the body from the periphery towards the core in order to get  Dosha imbalances eliminated from the body through the orifices.

Below are some of the documented benefits of Abhyanga Massage:

  • Reduces stress, heart rate and blood pressure,
  • Reduces burning sensations in diabetic neuropathy patients,
  • Reduces systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate,
  • Reduces knee pain in osteoarthritic patients,
  • Improves muscular dystrophy,
  • Lowers anxiety levels and improves mood,
  • Reduces frequency of migraines,
  • Reduction in menopausal sleep disturbances,
  • Reduction of inflammation in exercise-induced muscle damage,
  • Relieves chronic back pain, etc.


This  involves massaging the body with small linen bags filled with Navara/Shastika, after a liberal application of medicated oils. This treatment is very well known in Kerala, India. It is especially beneficial to people with atrophy of the muscles, arthritis, weakness of the extremities, tremors and fibromyalgia; while healthy individuals will benefit from this treatment’s anti-ageing effects, as well as its ability to prevent disease.


The term Sirodhara means head “siro” and continuous flow “dhara”. During this treatment, there is a constant flow of specific oils or herbal preparations onto the forehead. This process stimulates the part of the brain known as pineal gland. Among its other functions, the pineal gland produces serotonin and melatonin, which are hormones that play a very important role in your emotional balance. Melatonin is also known to possess anti-aging qualities.

According to Ayurvedic texts, Sirodhara is the best treatment for diseases of the nervous system and for emotional problems such as chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It is also recommended for chronic headaches, ear, nose and throat problems. It is also known to be especially useful for pain.


In this process. Specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the lower back with a herbal paste boundary. The treatment lasts for 45 minutes to one hour and is good for any kind of back pain and spinal disorders; Ayurveda Travel Mall.


Administration of medical oil to the nostrils after the application of medicated oil on the face, keeping the eyes protected. Nasyam helps to evacuate acummultaed elements in the nasal sinuses. It stimulates neuro-hormonal centres, enhances the function of nose, eyes, ears, as well as inducing sound sleep, strengthening the neck and shoulders. Applied of time, Nasyam is very effective in the treatment of Sinusitis, Nasal Congestion, Dental Problems, Ear and Eyes Disease, Facial Paralysis, Migraine and cervical degeneration.

To get a complete physical, mental and social well-being, register now for a 5-step Ayurveda treatment.

How Maadili Leadership Solutions can help you achieve Health and Wellness

How Maadili Leadership Solutions can help you achieve Health and Wellness

Wellness matters. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher and quality life.

Maadili Leadership Solutions is hereby inviting you to a 5-Step journey to self-discovery, self-consciousness, self-actualization, self-mastery – structured into a 3-Day Retreat — as outlined below:

MODULE 1: Know Thyself – Mind Body Spirit

Each Participant to Duly Complete the Mind, Body Type Questionnaire (Dosha Quiz) and to Submit/Email Copy to Maadili Leadership Solutions for Analysis and Feedback

Knowledge, Skills and Tools for Self-Discovery, Self-Management, Self-Care. In Particular:
(a) Each Participant’s Mind, Body Type at Conception,
(b) Each Participant’s Current Mind Body State of Balance,
(c) Relationship Dynamics as a Result of Mind Body Type Constituencies of Team/Family Members
(d) For more details, see Section on the Versatility of the Dosha Quiz.

MODULE 2: Food as Medicine


Participants to Monitor and Document Their Eating and Drinking Habits Over One Week – Using Maadili Leadership Solutions Worksheet – in Order to Determine Areas for Possible Adjustment

Knowledge & Skills for Holistic Food & Nutrition Practices and Habits That Will Facilitate the Attainment and Maintenance of Vibrant Health, Appropriate Weight and Optimized Digestion.

MODULE 3: Detoxification, Regeneration, Renewal

Each Participant to Monitor and Document Their Daily Time Use Routines Over One Week – Using Maadili Leadership Solutions Worksheet – in Order to Determine Areas for Possible Adjustment

Each Participant will learn:
(a) How to Identify and Eliminate Toxins That Accumulate in Their Minds and Bodies,
(b) Holistic Techniques to Release Stress, as well as
(c) Secrets for Restful Sleep.

MODULE 4: Emotional Freedom

Each Participant to Undertake an Assignment on One Difficult Relationship of Their Choice, in Their Private or Public Sphere of Influence


Each Participant Will Learn:
(a) Why Emotional Freedom Is The Key to Their Physical, Mental & Emotional Health,
(b) How to Use Conscious Communication Techniques to Transform Their Private & Public Relationships
(c) Drawing Up/Refinement of (i) a Personal Life Vision as Well as (ii) a Team/Family Joint Vision

MODULE 5: Inner Pharmacy/5 Gateways to Metabolize Sensory Experiences

Each Participant Will Learn How to Harness the Healing Powers of:

(a) Sound
(b) Touch
(c) Sight
(d) Taste
(e) Smell

Session 6: Graduation Ceremony

During This Closing Session, Each Participant Will:

(a) Receive a Chopra Wellness Centre University’s Certificate of Attendance,

(b) Declare/Reaffirm Your Personal Life Vision, Goals, Strategies, Action Plan,

(c) Participants Sponsored by Employers Will Have a Chance to Declare/Reaffirm Their
Individual and Collective Commitment to the Refined Strategic Vision, Goals, Objectives, Plans for Increased Productivity as well as for Harmonious Team Relationships.

What is Meditation? What are its benefits and how it is done?

What is Meditation? What are its benefits and how it is done?

Meditation is an  Energy Healing Technology That Benefits Body Mind and Soul through inner exploration. Meditation awakens Creativity, Healing, and Transformation.

Meditation allows you to explore our essential nature, thus restoring the memory of wholeness in your life. It enables you to discover that the source of happiness, peace, and fulfillment lies within you.

Meditation facilitates the process of putting an end to you looking outward to the world of form and phenomena looking for solutions to life’s challenges.

What Meditation Is NOT

Meditation is NOT about forcing your mind to be quiet, Rather, it is a process towards discovering the quietness that is already within you. It enables you to realize that behind the screen of your internal dialogue is the silence of inner awareness.

This is the kind of silence that is NOT disturbed by thoughts of the past or concerns of the future.

What Are the Benefits of Meditation?

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear around the world that the practice of meditation has many benefits to your mind, body, and soul. Common among these are:

  • Lowering of high blood pressure,
  • Lowering incidences of chronic stress, anxiety attacks,
  • Reduction of tension-related pain, e.g. tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle, and joint pain,
  • Improves mood and behavior by increasing serotonin production,
  • Immunity system improves,
  • Generates inner sources of energy,
  • Improvements in happiness, creativity, emotional stability,
  • Sharpens your intuitive capacity,
  • Expands consciousness,
  • Facilitates personal transition from being something to merging with the infinite, a recognition of the self-being an inseparable part of the universe,
  • Induces a state of calmness, vastness, joy, harmony,
  • Facilitates authentic, true, personal transformation through ascendance into higher levels of consciousness,
  • Greater self-confidence, self-esteem, mental acuity, dynamism, enthusiasm for life.

The Primordial Sound Meditation Course Structure

There are several ways in which to practice meditation. Maadili Leadership Solutions will teach you the theoretical underpinnings as well as the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM), which is an ancient technique revived by Dr. Deepak Chopra MD and Dr. David Simon MD – Co-Founders of the Chopra Centre in San Diego, California, USA in 1996 — in conjunction with various scholars in the USA and India. 

Since its inception, the Chopra Centre has trained many Certified Instructors the world over, in the three consciousness-based fields of Ayurveda, Primordial Sound Meditation & Yoga.

Maadili Leadership Solutions happens to be one of the lucky few entities in Africa to be blessed with one of these Chopra Centre Certified Instructors, in the person of its Founder and Chief Executive, Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo

The Primordial Sound Meditation Course which we offer is presented in 4 Sessions.

Session 1: Introduction

General principles of meditation and Primordial Sound Meditation, in particular, as well as how individual Mantras are chosen.

Session 2: Personal Instruction

You will receive personalized instruction in meditation. You will also receive your personal Mantra and learn how to use it properly. You will also meditate with your Instructor for a few minutes. Once the teacher is satisfied that you understand the procedure, you will be invited to continue meditating on your own for 30 minutes.

Session 3: How to Perfect Your Practice of Meditation

You will learn the practical aspects of meditation: how to sit, when to meditate, the types of experiences to expect, as well as what they mean. This will be followed by a full meditation session led by your teacher in order for you to gain the experience of meditating with other people. This session is intended to form the foundation of your successful practice of meditation.

Session 4: How to Attain Higher States of Consciousness

This is an opportunity for you to discuss your different experiences in practicing meditation thus far as well as to ask any questions for clarification by your teacher. You will also receive instruction on the seven levels of consciousness which are available to human beings and the role of meditation in facilitating ascendance to these levels. Your teacher will also guide you about future programs to deepen your meditation practice.