About Maadili Leadership Solutions

Maadili facilitates the process of imparting Knowledge, Skills and Tools for Holistic Wellness as a Catalytic Strategy for building leadership competencies in the following areas for balanced human development: Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness, Self-Actualization and Self-Mastery.

We are passionate about Perfact Health, Mind Body and Spirit.

Maadili Leadership Solutions – hereinafter referred to as Maadili – is an integral part of Maadili Mentoring Services Limited, registered in Tanzania in June 2017. However, the Company was first registered in South Africa in 2011 as Maadili Conscious Leadership & Healthy Lifestyles Coaching Services. It was subsequently established in Tanzania in 2017 upon the return of its Founder, Chief Executive & Principal Resource Person, Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo.

The establishment of Maadili Leadership Solutions was, indeed, inspired by Scholastica’s personal knowledge and global experience which, over the years, continues to demonstrate very strong links between one’s health status – Mind Body Spirit – and one’s ability to lead oneself and also to lead others.

Our Mission and Vision

To reach at least One Billion People With Knowledge, Skills and Tools for Building Competencies in the Key, Holistic Human Development Spheres of Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness, Self-Actualization and Self-Mastery.

Our Core Values





About Founder and CEO

Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo is a Global Thought Leader In International Development and Governance, Conscious Leadership & Healthy Lifestyles, as well as in the Field of Human Rights, with particular focus on children and women; who form the majority of the poor. She is also the Founder, Chief Executive and Principal Resource Person of Maadili Conscious Leadership Solutions, an Organisation through which she shares knowledge, skills and tools on How to Discover and Unleash One’s Highest Potential, Mind Body Spirit. Her passion is to contribute to the forging of a peaceful and prosperous Nation of Tanzania and the Continent of Africa, through the inculcation of the principles of good leadership and integrity.

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