Maadili Leadership Solutions offers Ayurvedic Massage Treatments, administered by our two Ayurvedic Massage Therapists – Happy Tairo and Teddy Martin – who were trained in Kerala, India.

Ayurvedic massage is known as Abhyanga. According to Ayurvedic texts, Abhyanga has tremendous benefits to the mind, body, skin as well as immune system. It involves copious amounts of oil and a unique 2-Therapist Sequence that relaxes and softens the tissues.

Unlike massages used more for recreation and relaxation, Abhyanga is a therapeutic procedure in pacifying Vata Dosha disorders. It is a synchronized massaging of the body from the periphery towards the core in order to get  Dosha imbalances eliminated from the body through the orifices.

Below are some of the documented benefits of Abhyanga Massage:

  • Reduces stress, heart rate and blood pressure,
  • Reduces burning sensations in diabetic neuropathy patients,
  • Reduces systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate,
  • Reduces knee pain in osteoarthritic patients,
  • Improves muscular dystrophy,
  • Lowers anxiety levels and improves mood,
  • Reduces frequency of migraines,
  • Reduction in menopausal sleep disturbances,
  • Reduction of inflammation in exercise-induced muscle damage,
  • Relieves chronic back pain, etc.


This  involves massaging the body with small linen bags filled with Navara/Shastika, after a liberal application of medicated oils. This treatment is very well known in Kerala, India. It is especially beneficial to people with atrophy of the muscles, arthritis, weakness of the extremities, tremors and fibromyalgia; while healthy individuals will benefit from this treatment’s anti-ageing effects, as well as its ability to prevent disease.


The term Sirodhara means head “siro” and continuous flow “dhara”. During this treatment, there is a constant flow of specific oils or herbal preparations onto the forehead. This process stimulates the part of the brain known as pineal gland. Among its other functions, the pineal gland produces serotonin and melatonin, which are hormones that play a very important role in your emotional balance. Melatonin is also known to possess anti-aging qualities.

According to Ayurvedic texts, Sirodhara is the best treatment for diseases of the nervous system and for emotional problems such as chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It is also recommended for chronic headaches, ear, nose and throat problems. It is also known to be especially useful for pain.


In this process. Specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the lower back with a herbal paste boundary. The treatment lasts for 45 minutes to one hour and is good for any kind of back pain and spinal disorders; Ayurveda Travel Mall.


Administration of medical oil to the nostrils after the application of medicated oil on the face, keeping the eyes protected. Nasyam helps to evacuate acummultaed elements in the nasal sinuses. It stimulates neuro-hormonal centres, enhances the function of nose, eyes, ears, as well as inducing sound sleep, strengthening the neck and shoulders. Applied of time, Nasyam is very effective in the treatment of Sinusitis, Nasal Congestion, Dental Problems, Ear and Eyes Disease, Facial Paralysis, Migraine and cervical degeneration.

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