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Invest in Health and Wellness in areas crucial to your Life.

Wellness matters. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life. 

The One Stop Place for WELLNESS

We believe both Individuals and Organisations Should Invest In Their Health & Wellness as it the ultimate source of achieving individual, sociatal and organizational progress. See what Maadili Leadership Offers. Click on Image to Learn More.


A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Our wellness programs will benefit both the employer and employees for higher organizational performance.


Young people are best equiped to make changes. We offer a unique professional services and products to any organizations dealing with youth empowerment. 


Our wellness program focus on Yong girls, Young Women, Women Leaders, Mothers/Grandmothers as well as Domestic Workers.


Understanding the Emotional and Economic impacts of HIV/AIDS, we provide special wellness program to patients helping them navigate life with HIV/AIDS.


Training, Orientation of Bride and Groom. Kitchen Parties. Preparation for Parenthood, Orientation of New Parents. Marriage Counseling. Divorce Counseling.


Retirement is the time when it should not matter that you be the best, the first, the oldest or the most. But its the time to do what makes YOU happy.

How Maadili Leadership Solutions can help.

Maadili Leadership Solutions is hereby inviting you to a 5-Step journey to self-discovery, self-consciousness, self-actualization, self- mastery – structured into a 3-Day Retreat. This program will help you to deeply know yourself, understand holistic techniques to release Stress, Food as Medicine, Emotional Freedom and more.

Test yourself with The Dosha Quiz

Know Thyself with the Most Versatile Self-Management Tool. Discover your Mind Body Type Constitution as well as your state of balance.

Ask Bibi Nuru

Have a burning question? Whether you aspire to live a fulfilling life both at home and work, Bibi Nuru has a 60+ years of lived experience in both areas. Ask Bibi Nuru now. 

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