What Others Say About Us

The Tree of Fruits

“I met Scholastica Kimaryo at the Chopra Center when we studied there together in 2010. I was struck at first by her regal bearing and well considered questions and comments. When we talked over share meals my respect for her grew ten fold, and to this day I wish she would write that book to share her life story with the world.
Scholastica is driven to share the fruits of her hard earned wisdom with the world around her. She found at the Chopra Center a structure for mind-body-spirit healing that resonates with her own understanding and can be adapted to anyone’s life circumstances. Neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert (who was instrumental in discovering neuropeptides) said: “The physician of the future will concern herself with just three things: what you eat, how you move and how you think.” This program does just that. We live in challenging and perilous times it’s true: but we also live at a time when the wisdom of ages and across cultures can be shared. Scholastica’s path started on foot to school and now is by jet to other countries to gather the wisdom she wishes to share, to better the lives she touches. I honestly feel honored to have met her and proud to call her my friend.”

Sheila Southon

Counselor & Neurotherapist, Montreal, Canada

 A Well of Wisdom

“I have known Scholastica since 2005. As soon as we met, I knew she was gifted. Since then, I have repeatedly witnessed her dedication to all she does. Scholastica is committed to life-long learning and that sets her apart and makes her an exemplary trainer. Her training is delivered with great care and I define ‘care’ as love in action!”

Tina Thomson

US Ambassador , Female Wave of Change

 A Well of Wisdom

“Schola Kimaryo is to me a well of wisdom and a beacon of light. At a critical moment in the life of Gender Links, a Southern African women’s rights NGO, she offered lessons to me and the staff on the need to balance our well- being with the often difficult and stressful work that we do. She gave us a new vocabulary and way of doing things. We now remind each other when we are out of balance. We formed the Hikers with Soul club, that includes staff, family, friends and alumni. We exercise, connect, sing, go to the theatre, and lift each other up. Last year, when GL operated at one third its 2014 budget due to the international funding environment, we pulled through thanks to a great team spirit and the ability to see things in perspective. We lived and learned. We slimmed and trimmed. We shed a lot of baggage. We stayed focused on our vision. We learned more climbing down that we did climbing up. While we could not afford leadership training, we kept Schola’s precious slides, and referred to them during our planning this year. Rain clouds are gathering on the horizon; we are hoping for a better year. Sisters like Schola are never far from us. She is not just a trainer, but a mentor, a role model, and one who walks the talk in every way. I whole heartedly commend her course! “

Colleen LoweMorna

Chief Executive Officer, Gender Links

 A Well of Wisdom

“Scholastica is an intuitive, inspiring and gifted leader and visionary. Her wealth of personal and professional experience will allow you or your company to learn concepts and skills to boost achievement of goals and success. I give Scholastica my highest recommendation.”

Erin Graves

Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, California, USA