Often we are caught up thinking that retirement is a time to forget our worries, live without a boss and just have happy and good times but unfortunately this fantasy is not very common in real life.

Many people think the main recipe for a good retirement is having a lot of money which you will use throughout your retirement period. As much as this is a wonderful idea and also could be achieved,  this wish is not met by most retirees.

Maadili Leadership Solution’s Perfect Health course explicitly helps you explore  your mind body energy which then maximizes your potential to a self discovery, a journey which then awakens to to identify so many life’s greatness. You will then identify that retirement is the time when it should not matter that you be the best, the first, the oldest or the most.  But its the time to do what makes YOU happy.

It is, indeed, in this view that Maadili Leadership Solutions offers a 5-step exploration of mind body energy medicine based and Ayurveda.

Steps to enable you to attain and maintain optimum help include: a balanced, nutritious diet based on natural ingredients, regular exercise, regular screening for diseases which may present a risk, learning to understand and manage stress, engaging in purpose-driven activities which also provide connection to others, appreciating what you have, maintaining a positive outlook on life, living your life based on a well-defined value system.

And yet, over the years, empirical evidence increasingly cites stress as a major contributing factor to physical and mental illness, as well as being an underlying factor to poor relationship management with the self and with others.

The attainment of Perfect Health, therefore, is about making conscious choices that will have a positive impact on your physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual life.