Wellness matters. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher and quality life.

Maadili Leadership Solutions is hereby inviting you to a 5-Step journey to self-discovery, self-consciousness, self-actualization, self-mastery – structured into a 3-Day Retreat — as outlined below:

MODULE 1: Know Thyself – Mind Body Spirit

Each Participant to Duly Complete the Mind, Body Type Questionnaire (Dosha Quiz) and to Submit/Email Copy to Maadili Leadership Solutions for Analysis and Feedback

Knowledge, Skills and Tools for Self-Discovery, Self-Management, Self-Care. In Particular:
(a) Each Participant’s Mind, Body Type at Conception,
(b) Each Participant’s Current Mind Body State of Balance,
(c) Relationship Dynamics as a Result of Mind Body Type Constituencies of Team/Family Members
(d) For more details, see Section on the Versatility of the Dosha Quiz.

MODULE 2: Food as Medicine


Participants to Monitor and Document Their Eating and Drinking Habits Over One Week – Using Maadili Leadership Solutions Worksheet – in Order to Determine Areas for Possible Adjustment

Knowledge & Skills for Holistic Food & Nutrition Practices and Habits That Will Facilitate the Attainment and Maintenance of Vibrant Health, Appropriate Weight and Optimized Digestion.

MODULE 3: Detoxification, Regeneration, Renewal

Each Participant to Monitor and Document Their Daily Time Use Routines Over One Week – Using Maadili Leadership Solutions Worksheet – in Order to Determine Areas for Possible Adjustment

Each Participant will learn:
(a) How to Identify and Eliminate Toxins That Accumulate in Their Minds and Bodies,
(b) Holistic Techniques to Release Stress, as well as
(c) Secrets for Restful Sleep.

MODULE 4: Emotional Freedom

Each Participant to Undertake an Assignment on One Difficult Relationship of Their Choice, in Their Private or Public Sphere of Influence


Each Participant Will Learn:
(a) Why Emotional Freedom Is The Key to Their Physical, Mental & Emotional Health,
(b) How to Use Conscious Communication Techniques to Transform Their Private & Public Relationships
(c) Drawing Up/Refinement of (i) a Personal Life Vision as Well as (ii) a Team/Family Joint Vision

MODULE 5: Inner Pharmacy/5 Gateways to Metabolize Sensory Experiences

Each Participant Will Learn How to Harness the Healing Powers of:

(a) Sound
(b) Touch
(c) Sight
(d) Taste
(e) Smell

Session 6: Graduation Ceremony

During This Closing Session, Each Participant Will:

(a) Receive a Chopra Wellness Centre University’s Certificate of Attendance,

(b) Declare/Reaffirm Your Personal Life Vision, Goals, Strategies, Action Plan,

(c) Participants Sponsored by Employers Will Have a Chance to Declare/Reaffirm Their
Individual and Collective Commitment to the Refined Strategic Vision, Goals, Objectives, Plans for Increased Productivity as well as for Harmonious Team Relationships.