Ayurveda – which translates to the  art and science of life — is a remarkably personalized system of wellness, based on the ancient wisdom from the Indian Sub-Continent, which views each one of us as being born with a remarkably individual blueprint for optimum health, wellness and wisdom from conception.

Hence the three Mind Body Types – Vata Pitta Khapa – of which each one of us is uniquely endowed. Discovering your Ayurvedic Mind Body Constitution is, therefore, a phenomenally illuminating experience on the path to vibrant health, meaningful life purpose, enduring sense of peace, contentment as well as joy.

It is in this view, that Ayurveda places the responsibility for your health and wellness primarily on you, as an individual within the community and broader society.

The Ayurvedic Mind Body Type Constitution Questionnaire – also known as the Dosha Quiz — is, therefore, a very versatile tool for letting you discover your Mind Body Type Constitution at Conception (Prakruti), as well as knowing your state of balance at any given time (Vikruti). The feedback from this Mind Body Type Tool is catalytic in helping Participants in Maadili Leadership Solution’s 5-Module Signature Course to develop — over time — three, cutting-edge leadership competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness & Self-Mastery.

In filling out the Mind Body Type Questionnaire, Course Participants are advised to take note of the fact that  there are NO right or wrong answers. Rather, the BEST answers are the ones that are TRUE for You. Following are some of the insights that can be gleaned from a correctly completed Dosha Quiz:

Every individual’s mind body type at Conception — Prakruti, page 1 —  the key attributes inherited from the lineages of both parents, one’s individual strengths and How to know when one is going out of balance or responding under stressful conditions.

This is critical in helping one develop a keen sense of Awareness, thereby offering them the opportunity to Choose the most nurturing response(s) as often as possible in every critical/challenging incident while remaining calm, thereby making it Safe for others to engage constructive without feeling pressured to be combative, defensive;

By the same token, Self-Awareness also facilitates Awareness of the Others’ feelings, situations, sensitivities, automatically making it easier for individuals to develop consideration, empathy for others, be it at home, in the office or at the shopping mall. This is what makes it possible for inter-personal relationships to significantly improve on a sustainable basis, because relationships are accordingly viewed from a perspective of informed best-interest for all;

In a workplace training situation, the feedback from page one can and should share, especially in the context of various Operational Management Teams, as it helps to know and understand Team Members from the non-prejudicial perspective of each individual’s Natural Mind Body attributes.

At best, this information can be invaluable in shining a light on how to make the best use of every Team Member’s natural attributes and gifts. This information also affords Team Members, non-judgemental language for discussing personality challenges and opportunities for improvement;

Further, the information obtained from answering the questions on the second portion of the questionnaire — Vikruti, pages 2 to 5 — is most helpful in enabling an individual to know their Current mind body status. The feedback from this portion of the Dosha Quiz is best viewed as CONFIDENTIAL, for the primary use of the individual, whose responsibility it is to determine whether or not to share same with their Supervisor, HR Director, Staff Counsellor, Organisational Nurse/Doctor/Counsellor. In other words, this wealth of informations is Most Useful in helping individual Team Members to know How they are coping with life at work and/or at home and what to do about it in the interest of optimum health, wellness and effectiveness. What the Course Sponsor/Employer has a right to demand is improved efficiency and effectiveness as an outcome of investment in Staff Training/Leadership Development.

By the same token, Staff Member/Manager/CEO is justified/entitled to the kind of professional support they may require in order to deal with health/wellness challenges which will have been revealed by the Vikruti portion of the Dosha Quiz. This may range from an identified need for Professional Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Psychological Counselling, Medical Leave, Change of Job Description, etc…

All of this information is obtained from Module One of Maadili Leadership Solution‘s 5-Module Course and the use of Maadili i Leadership Solution‘s Core Tool, the Dosha Quiz/Mind Body Type Questionnaire. In addition to serving as the tool for collecting basic data, Part 2 of the the Dosha Quiz — the Vikruti, pages 2 to 5 — is a timeless Monitoring Tool, which can be used to assess annual progress or lack thereof, thereby offering opportunities for remedial action, as the case may be.

Additionally, because the individual and collective human resource development attributes and needs will have been identified during the first Module: Know Thyself, each of the remaining 4 Modules are taught and learned in a Customised Manner, based on the findings of the Dosha Quiz for every individual and/or Team.

At the end of the 5-Module Course, the Employer/Sponsor will have facilitated the generations of two catalytic leadership/productivity tools/Instruments: (a) a revised or new Individual Vision, (b) Team/Family Joint Strategic Vision Plus Implementations Plans.