Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo

Conscious Leadership & Healthy Lifestyles Specialist | Global Thought Leader in International Development & Governance.

Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo is a Global Thought Leader In International Development and Governance, Conscious Leadership & Healthy Lifestyles, as well as in the Field of Human Rights, with particular focus on children and women; who form the majority of the poor. She is also the Founder, Chief Executive and Principal Resource Person of Maadili Conscious Leadership Solutions, an Organisation through which she shares knowledge, skills and tools on How to Discover and Unleash One’s Highest Potential, Mind Body Spirit.

Her passion is to contribute to the forging of a peaceful and prosperous Nation of Tanzania and the Continent of Africa, through the inculcation of the principles of good leadership and integrity, underpinned by the competencies of self-awareness, self-consciousness, self-confidence and self-mastery; especially thr ough the youth of our beloved nation and continent, men and women together. This is the main reason why she was inspired to invest in the Kiswahili translation of “PERFECT HEALTH: The Chopra Centre Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program” by Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD and Dr. David Simon, MD., as well as in the development of this Maadili Leadership Website, through which she will be sharing a set of knowledge, skills and tools on How to Discover and Unleash Your Highest Potential: Mind Body Spirit.

Professional Background

Her professional training and expertise include Home Economics with Education from Victoria Manchester University in Collaboration with the University of East Africa,Nairobi Campus (1969 – 1971), an MSc. In Social Policy, Planning and Participation in Developing Countries for The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), Certification in the the Theory and Practice of Ayurveda & Meditation from The Chopra Centre University in California, USA, (Jan – Dec 2010), Certification in the Practice of Yoga from Pathways Life Academy in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (2016); after which she continues to be an Advanced Student and Practitioner of Quantum Healing through The Heart Math Institute as well as Dr. Joe Diespenza’s Encephalon Inc, both based in the United States of America.

Mrs Kimaryo’s wide-ranging working experience spans the world of Development, international politics and diplomacy during her first decade of professional engagement as a Journalist and Columnist, first with the then Tanganyika African National Party (TANU) Newspapers – The Nationalist, Uhuru and Mzalendo.

During her illustrious journalistic career, she also served with other organs of the mass media like The Daily News and The Sunday News run by The Tanganyika Standard Newspapers Limited, as well as serving as the first Editor of the newly established Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC) (1971 – 1978).

Subsequently, Mrs. Kimaryo was appointed as International Civil Servant with the United Nations for some three decades, first with the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF), first as Tanzania’s National Executive Secretary for the International Year of the Child (1978 – 1980), then as UNICEF Tanzania National Programme Officer (1980 – 1948), after which she was promoted to UNICEF Representative to Botswana (1984 – 1990), First UNICEF Representative to the New South Africa (1992 – 1998), and UNICEF Representative to War-Torn Liberia (1998 – 2001). Then Mrs. Kimaryo was appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General to higher office as the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP’s) Resident Representative to The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System (2001 – 2005) after which she was appointed as UNDP Resident Representative and Coordinator of the United Nations System in South Africa (2005 – 2008), after which she was promoted to serve as UNDP’s Deputy Regional Director for Africa responsible for 22 countries in Eastern & Southern Africa (2008 – 2009).

Interviews and Speeches

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