Perfect Retirement Program by Maadili Leadership Solutions

Perfect Retirement Program by Maadili Leadership Solutions

Often we are caught up thinking that retirement is a time to forget our worries, live without a boss and just have happy and good times but unfortunately this fantasy is not very common in real life.

Many people think the main recipe for a good retirement is having a lot of money which you will use throughout your retirement period. As much as this is a wonderful idea and also could be achieved,  this wish is not met by most retirees.

Maadili Leadership Solution’s Perfect Health course explicitly helps you explore  your mind body energy which then maximizes your potential to a self discovery, a journey which then awakens to to identify so many life’s greatness. You will then identify that retirement is the time when it should not matter that you be the best, the first, the oldest or the most.  But its the time to do what makes YOU happy.

It is, indeed, in this view that Maadili Leadership Solutions offers a 5-step exploration of mind body energy medicine based and Ayurveda.

Steps to enable you to attain and maintain optimum help include: a balanced, nutritious diet based on natural ingredients, regular exercise, regular screening for diseases which may present a risk, learning to understand and manage stress, engaging in purpose-driven activities which also provide connection to others, appreciating what you have, maintaining a positive outlook on life, living your life based on a well-defined value system.

And yet, over the years, empirical evidence increasingly cites stress as a major contributing factor to physical and mental illness, as well as being an underlying factor to poor relationship management with the self and with others.

The attainment of Perfect Health, therefore, is about making conscious choices that will have a positive impact on your physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual life.

How to Establish Emotional Intimacy With Yourself

How to Establish Emotional Intimacy With Yourself

Emotional wellness is what helps us create happiness. Being emotionally healthy doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time. It means you’re aware and in control of your emotions. You can deal with them, whether they’re positive or negative. It means that we can know that we are happy at our core even when we’re facing hardship.

Being Emotionally healthy is the base for success, however an individual defines his/her success. Living with society also becomes better as this also enable you to have good relationships

People who have an enthusiastic character allows them to respond well to all emotions no matter if its positive or negative. With this positive and confident attitude, it allows them to learn from their missteps.

The humans experience of emotions is of a wide spectrum of feelings from your childhood to old age. So how humans control our spectrum of feelings determines our emotional health.

Some of the signs that show you are emotionally Healthy are;

  • You care for your physical health.
  • You create time to relax
  • You are open-minded and can share with someone about your feelings
  • You can say no when you need to
  • You feel good about yourself
  • You have good relationships with the people in your life.
  • You have a sense of meaning in your life.

Maadili leadership solutions will not only enhance your ability to understand and work with your emotions but will also give you the tools to nurture the emotional intelligence of your clients, students, or employees. You will learn to:

  • Discover How to Attain Emotional Intimacy with Yourself,
  • Learn About the 7 Biological Responses to Unmet Human Needs and How to Transcend Them Towards Higher Levels of Evolution, Consciousness,
  • Acquire Skills for Identifying Signs of Accumulated Emotional Toxicity and What to Do About Each of These,
  • Conscious, Non-Violent Communication: How to Hold Successful Crucial Conversations When Stakes Are High,
  • The 7 Steps to Emotional Clearing,
  • Why Develop and Live by a Vision Statement for Your Life?
Daily Renewal, Detoxification, and Purification

Daily Renewal, Detoxification, and Purification

Maadili Leadership Solutions offers the best possible way to overcome the pressure and retain health. The Daily Renewal Program will help you release piled-up toxins in your body, protecting you from falling victim to diseases through different types of therapeutic diets and cleansing techniques.

Our Daily renewal program will help you recover from imbalanced Doshas which are responsible for a healthy body and will get you rid of fatigue and impurities. This will restore your vitality and enhance your energy.

  • Explore the different ways you accumulate toxicity in your emotional and physical digestive systems whenever your life experiences are Not metabolized completely,
  • Know How Conscious Awareness can help you to identify where you are storing toxicity in your physiology,
  • Acquire skills on how to make a connection between your Dosha Quiz Outcomes and the universal rhythms of nature, for better mind body balance.
  • Learn How to stay in Mind Body Harmony during Seasonal and Other Life Changes,
  • Role of Fasting in Mind Body Cleansing, Detoxification
  • Know the Various Life Force Enhancing Exercises,
  • Appreciate the Critical Importance of Restful Sleep
HIV Infection and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

HIV Infection and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

According to a Report on HIV Infection and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Status, Challenges and Opportunities by Ayesha B. M. Kharsany and Quarraisha A. Karim: “Global trends in HIV infection demonstrate an overall increase in HIV prevalence and substantial declines in AIDS related deaths largely attributable to the survival benefits of antiretroviral treatment. Sub-Saharan Africa carries a disproportionate burden of HIV, accounting for more than 70% of the global burden of infection. Success in HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa has the potential to impact on the global burden of HIV. Notwithstanding substantial progress in scaling up antiretroviral therapy (ART), sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 74% of the 1.5 million AIDS related deaths in 2013.

Of the estimated 6000 new infections that occur globally each day, two out of three are in sub-Saharan Africa with young women continuing to bear a disproportionate burden. Adolescent girls and young women aged 15-24 years have up to eight fold higher rates of HIV infection compared to their male peers. There remains a gap in women initiated HIV prevention technologies especially for women who are unable to negotiate the current HIV prevention options of abstinence, behavior change, condoms and medical male circumcision or early treatment initiation in their relationships.

The possibility of an AIDS free generation cannot be realized unless we are able to prevent HIV infection in young women.”

Emotional Impact of an HIV Diagnosis

Further, according to a Report on The Emotional Impact of HIV Diagnosis compiled by Andrea Peirce and reviewed by Dr. Sanjai Sinha MD: “Hearing that you have the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, will change your life. In the moments after you learn about your diagnosis, you may experience a range of emotions, including anger, shock, sadness, or even denial. You may also struggle with depression.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), people who are HIV positive are twice as likely as people without the virus to be depressed. Compounding the problem, people with HIV may withdraw from their friends and family members in the hopes of hiding their status from others.

Finally, doctors at the NIMH and around the country now recognize that the virus itself can cause emotional, behavioral, and other mental health problems — and that some of the antiretroviral therapies, or ART, used to control HIV and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS, can trigger the symptoms of depression, too.”

Why Training in Conscious Leadership & Healthy Lifestyles Makes Perfect Sense for HIV & AIDS Programme Beneficiaries

Today, Medical Doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illness. Maadili Leadership Solution’s 5-Module Signature Course offers you a five-step exploration of Mind Body Medicine.

Benefits to individuals attending the 3-Day Retreat include the attainment of knowledge, skills and tools for honing personal and collective leadership skills in the areas of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-consciousness, self-actualization and self-mastery.

Benefits to employers and families include renewed enthusiasm for life, improved human relationships, increased creativity & productivity, reduced medical bills, reduced morbidity and mortality as well as happier family & work environments. The ultimate outcome is the attainment of knowledge, skills and tools for competencies on How to Achieve Conscious Leadership & Healthy Lifestyles – Mind Body Spirit — at the Individual and The Collective Levels. All these indicators can be measured over time, beginning with the first 12 months.

How Maadili Leadership Solutions can help you achieve Health and Wellness

How Maadili Leadership Solutions can help you achieve Health and Wellness

Wellness matters. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher and quality life.

Maadili Leadership Solutions is hereby inviting you to a 5-Step journey to self-discovery, self-consciousness, self-actualization, self-mastery – structured into a 3-Day Retreat — as outlined below:

MODULE 1: Know Thyself – Mind Body Spirit

Each Participant to Duly Complete the Mind, Body Type Questionnaire (Dosha Quiz) and to Submit/Email Copy to Maadili Leadership Solutions for Analysis and Feedback

Knowledge, Skills and Tools for Self-Discovery, Self-Management, Self-Care. In Particular:
(a) Each Participant’s Mind, Body Type at Conception,
(b) Each Participant’s Current Mind Body State of Balance,
(c) Relationship Dynamics as a Result of Mind Body Type Constituencies of Team/Family Members
(d) For more details, see Section on the Versatility of the Dosha Quiz.

MODULE 2: Food as Medicine


Participants to Monitor and Document Their Eating and Drinking Habits Over One Week – Using Maadili Leadership Solutions Worksheet – in Order to Determine Areas for Possible Adjustment

Knowledge & Skills for Holistic Food & Nutrition Practices and Habits That Will Facilitate the Attainment and Maintenance of Vibrant Health, Appropriate Weight and Optimized Digestion.

MODULE 3: Detoxification, Regeneration, Renewal

Each Participant to Monitor and Document Their Daily Time Use Routines Over One Week – Using Maadili Leadership Solutions Worksheet – in Order to Determine Areas for Possible Adjustment

Each Participant will learn:
(a) How to Identify and Eliminate Toxins That Accumulate in Their Minds and Bodies,
(b) Holistic Techniques to Release Stress, as well as
(c) Secrets for Restful Sleep.

MODULE 4: Emotional Freedom

Each Participant to Undertake an Assignment on One Difficult Relationship of Their Choice, in Their Private or Public Sphere of Influence


Each Participant Will Learn:
(a) Why Emotional Freedom Is The Key to Their Physical, Mental & Emotional Health,
(b) How to Use Conscious Communication Techniques to Transform Their Private & Public Relationships
(c) Drawing Up/Refinement of (i) a Personal Life Vision as Well as (ii) a Team/Family Joint Vision

MODULE 5: Inner Pharmacy/5 Gateways to Metabolize Sensory Experiences

Each Participant Will Learn How to Harness the Healing Powers of:

(a) Sound
(b) Touch
(c) Sight
(d) Taste
(e) Smell

Session 6: Graduation Ceremony

During This Closing Session, Each Participant Will:

(a) Receive a Chopra Wellness Centre University’s Certificate of Attendance,

(b) Declare/Reaffirm Your Personal Life Vision, Goals, Strategies, Action Plan,

(c) Participants Sponsored by Employers Will Have a Chance to Declare/Reaffirm Their
Individual and Collective Commitment to the Refined Strategic Vision, Goals, Objectives, Plans for Increased Productivity as well as for Harmonious Team Relationships.

Building Africa With Love

Building Africa With Love

We speak to Mama Scholastica Kimaryo Sylvan, a former United Nations employee and a healer of note from Tanzania who studied Mind Body Energy Medicine at the Deepak Chopra Centre University in California, USA obtaining International Certification as Instructor for Conscious Leadership and Healthy Lifestyles. The plus 70 years old mama Scholastica published AFYA TIMAMU on 11 April 2021, a KiSwahili Manual on how to discover and unleash one’s highest potential, mind, body and spirit. She helps us further understand how this beautiful science work.