What is Perfect Health?

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” WHO, 1948.


The McKinley Health Centre, University of Illinois defines wellness as “A state of well-being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual’s potential. This is a life-long process of moving towards enhancing your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental well-being.”


Steps to enable you to attain and maintain optimum help include: a balanced, nutritious diet based on natural ingredients, regular exercise, regular screening for diseases which may present a risk, learning to understand and manage stress, engaging in purpose-driven activities which also provide connection to others, appreciating what you have, maintaining a positive outlook on life, living your life based on a well-defined value system.

And yet, over the years, empirical evidence increasingly cites stress as a major contributing factor to physical and mental illness, as well as being an underlying factor to poor relationship management with the self and with others. The attainment of Perfect Health, therefore, is about making conscious choices that will have a positive impact on your physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual life.

It is, indeed, in this view that Maadili Leadership Solutions offers a 5-step exploration of mind body energy medicine based and Ayurveda, as outlined below:


Module 1:   Discover and Unleash Your Greatest Potential – Mind Body Spirit

  • Discover Your Natural Mind Body Type Constitution at Conception,as well as Your Current State of Balance. Core Instrument for this amazing discovery is the Mind Body Type Questionnaire, also known as The Dosha Quiz,
  • Acquire Skills on How to Utilize the Outcome of the Dosha Quizto Regain Balance and Harmony in Your Life (See Section on the Dosha Quiz for more detailed information),
  • Explore The Principles of Ayurveda: Mind Body Spirit,
  • Role of Meditation in the Attainment of Holistic Wellness, Higher States of Consciousness.


Module 2:     Food As Medicine 

  • Understand how your body nourishes itself by converting the energy and information of our environment into the biological intelligence of your body,
  • Importance of the Digestive Power in the proper breakdown and metabolism of the food that you eat,
  • Review Sound Guidelines for a Healthy Appetite and Strong Digestive Fire,
  • Understand the Six Tastes of Nature and How to Harness Them for Balanced Nutrition,
  • Examine How to Eat for Balance of Mind and Body,
  • Role of Herbs and Spices for Enhanced Digestion,
  • Learn Key Body Intelligence Techniques,
  • Know Which Foods Will Enable You to Balance the Outcomes of the Dosha Quiz.


Module 3:     Detoxification, Purification, Rejuvenation

  • Explore the different ways you accumulate toxicity in your emotional and physical digestive systems whenever your life experiences are Not metabolized completely,
  • Know How Conscious Awareness can help you to identify where you are storing toxicity in your physiology,
  • Acquire skills on how to make a connection between your Dosha Quiz Outcomes and the universal rhythms of nature, for better mind body balance,
  • Learn How to stay in Mind Body Harmony during Seasonal and Other Life Changes,
  • Role of Fasting in Mind Body Cleansing, Detoxification,
  • Know the Various Life Force Enhancing Exercises,
  • Appreciate the Critical Importance of Restful Sleep.


Module 4:     Emotional Freedom

  • Discover How to Attain Emotional Intimacy with Yourself,
  • Learn About the 7 Biological Responses to Unmet Human Needs and How to Transcend Them Towards Higher Levels of Evolution, Consciousness,
  • Acquire Skills for Identifying Signs of Accumulated Emotional Toxicity and What to Do About Each of These,
  • Conscious, Non-Violent Communication: How to Hold Successful Crucial Conversations When Stakes Are High,
  • The 7 Steps to Emotional Clearing,
  • Why Develop and Live by a Vision Statement for Your Life?

Module 5:     Inner Pharmacy – 5 Gateways to Metabolizing Sensory Experience 

  • Discover How Life Is an Interplay Between the Environment, Mind, Body and Soul,
  • Your Ears, Eyes, Skin, Tongue and Nose are the 5 Gateways through which you experience the world,
  • Learn How the Composition of Your Mind is created out of your sensory impressions and How the quality of these impressions determine the quality of your thoughts and feelings,
  • Explore and experience how you can use sounds, feelings, sights, tastes and smells to balance, nourish and heal your mind body,

Using the your Dosha Quiz Outcomes, Learn How to determine which aromas can balance your Current Mind Body State (Vikruti).

Transform and be in Perfect Health, start learning  from our 5- Module Perfect Health Course today.